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Simple Clear Vision Advice for Natural Eyesight Improvement

Clear Vision – Eyesight Healthy Path

When we don’t take care of our eyes, the chances of having eye problems significantly increases.

In time, that lack of care can prevent us from having clear vision and experience conditions like macular degeneration and even cataracts.

Vision Healthy Path

Because of that, you will need to ensure you set out on a path that is designed for eye health choices:

  • Health Path #1: Quit Smoking and Drinking; one of the worst things you can do for clear vision is to drink excessively and to smoke regularly.  What studies tend to find is that regularly smoking and drinking can cause optic nerve damage and even supercharge the formation of cataracts.  Stopping now greatly reduces your risks of both.
  • Health Path #2: Healthy Weight and Healthy Foods; what you consume is going to have a considerable impact on your eye health.  While you might understand that leafy greens, salmon, tuna, eggs, beans and even citrus fruits are great for your vision, foods that are high in bad fats and cholesterol are not.  Studies have shown that those who maintain a healthier weight and ate a balanced diet are less likely to end up with blindness, when compared to those who ate an unhealthy, unrestricted diet.  Of course, obesity also increases your risk of type 2 diabetes which in turn will also cause eye problems and impact your chances of having clear vision.
  • Health Path #3: Don’t Stare at Screens for Hours; healthier lifestyles will be irrelevant, if you aren’t taking good care of your eyes to begin with.  People who sit in front of the television and computer for endless hours each day are going to be causing damage to their eyes daily.  While avoiding the computer and television all day may be impossible.  There are things you can do to help protect your clear vision.  For example, you can begin to look away from the screen every 20 minutes for as little as 20 seconds to make a difference.  Using antiglare screens can also be a great idea when you are looking to avoid eye problems.  Most of these screens can easily fit over your current monitor and they will make a world of difference when trying to protect your clear vision.

Regularly Follow Up with Your Optometrist

You will find that something as simple as regularly visiting your eye doctor can actually help you to reduce your risks of having eye conditions spiral out of control.

In many cases, the onset of certain eye problems can quickly be addressed and treated, if they are diagnosed by a professional in advance.  So to create a clear path for your vision you will want to:

  • Stop smoking and drinking
  • Improve your diet and eat foods that are vision friendly
  • Take steps to reduce the damage to your eyes.

Follow up with a professional regularly to ensure you treat any conditions as soon as they begin

Clear Vision Considerations

This is something you should take advantage of.  It will be important that you take the time to make the simple changes in your life that will help to ensure you are able to maintain your vision.

After all, once you lose your vision, it is highly unlikely that it will be restored. 

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Eye Test – What you NEED to Know

Eye tests are important, there are numerous reasons why but the first thing to know is that they are essential and should be done yearly.

Clear vision is important, so much of what we do in everyday life relying on our ability to see.

That is why it is important to get eye problems checked as soon as possible.

What you NEED to Know

An eye test can be basic or complex depending on what kinds of problems you are having, normally they simply check for visual acuity and take a look to make sure nothing is wrong.  It’s quick and easy!

If you are having problems with your ability to see or painfully sore eyes then making use of an eye test can be exactly what you need to get clear vision back.  Eye problems can also be symptoms of more serious illnesses such as diabetes and cancer.

Eye Assessment

The eye test can be a great screening method.  Getting an eye test every year can help discover problems, which might be of concern even before other symptoms appear:

  • Discernment #1: Unnoticeable; you might not even know you are having a problem with your eye sight because it is not off enough to create noticeable symptoms.  An eye test however, will be able to see these differences especially if you get them on a regular basis.
  • Discernment #2: Changes; if you already have difficult with your sight then changes can be noted and your prescription adjusted before you have to struggle or experience things like eye strain and headaches.  Most people do not realize how important it is to take care of their eyes.  Consider the next time your eyes are tired how much your energy level drops, how much more difficult things are when you have to squint and rub your eyes or develop that small achy headache that comes with eye problems.
  • Discernment #3: Unknown; take the time to get an eye exam at least once a year. If you have a condition like diabetes consider more frequent testing, changes in your eye sight may indicate changes in your disease.

All of these things are why eye tests are important and some of the things that people do not realize eye tests can be used to determine before there are even a noticeable problem and they can help find more than just eye problems.

Surprise Revelations

What you need to know about an eye test is simple.  They are easy and painless.  It takes only a few minutes to run the preliminary visual acuity test.

Most people have already taken these eye tests as part of normal educational screenings. These tests are designed to accomplish a variety of goals.

The first is to deal with problems with vision, the second is to help screen for other conditions, which may be of concern. For example, if you experience a sudden drop in your ability to see, it may indicate a more serious condition.

So What

While an eye test is important to ferreting out eye problems you should still receive this test at least once a year even if you have clear vision.

This is to see if there are any changes, which might not be noticeable to you. 

For Eyes - Daily Exercises


Our eyes are incredibly important and it is possible to improve and clear vision and help to deal with eye problems with exercises.

The eyes are a muscle and just like other muscles they can be trained and exercised.

The biggest issue that people train their eyes for is to help with the ability to focus or visual acuity.

Daily Eye Exercises

These exercises are simple and can be done at any time and just about anywhere.  Most of these exercises involve shifting your eyes back and forth.  This is not done randomly.

There are some specific movements that can help to strengthen eye muscles and improve overall vision:

  • Routine Drill #1: The first is blinking; it is surprising that blinking could have such a dramatic effect but people no longer blink as often as they used to, blinking offers the eye a chance to rest and refocus as well as lubricate.  Thanks to computers and the intense focus they create of spending hours focused in one location, people no longer blink as often as they should.  Try this exercise if you are looking for clear vision or dealing with eye problems such as tiredness and dry eyes.  Set a timer for two minutes, every 3 to 4 seconds blink.  Consider how your eyes feel if you think this exercise might not do anything, try waiting 30 seconds or even longer between blinks and compare how your eyes feel.  You will find that your eyes feel better when you blink more often.
  • Routine Drill #2: The figure eight; is another exercise that can help strengthen you eye muscles.  The exercise is simple, picture a figure 8 in front of you, it should be on its side so it is in the shape of infinity instead of the number.  Then trace that image with your eyes slowly.  Do it for several minutes, then switch and trace the number eye for a few minutes.  You may be surprised that despite its simplicity it takes practice to create the figure 8 movement with your eye.
  • Routine Drill #3: Near and far focusing; this works great if you are having difficulty with shifting focus quickly from close and far objects.  Pick an object close to you, usually within about 10 inches of your face, you can use your thumb or a pencil.  Focus on this object then pick an object that is approximately 10 to 20 feet away and practice shifting your focus back and forth.  Use this with deep breathing to help strengthen your eyes and relax your body at the same time.
  • Routine Drill #4: Zooming in and out; this is where you focus on an object and then move it closer and further away while maintaining your focus.  You can use your thumb, a finger, or a pencil.  It just needs to be large enough that your eyes can focus on it comfortably.  You would not want to use a straight pin for example because it is too small.  Alternatively, a knitting needle will be too big.  This exercise should be done for a few minutes.  Work on maintaining the same level of focus as you move the object back and forth.

Start Seeing

These are just a few of the exercises you can do on a daily basis that can help you like specific eye problem games and can even help to create clear vision over time.